So you want to be an Adventuress


Professional Lady to Adventuress ©

They say adventure is travelling from the known to the unknown with an element of risk or danger. For me it's so much more exciting, it's a celebration of "Me Time" and a lesson in "Self-Discovery". The rules of success for a Lady Adventurer, is no different than work where first impressions count, be cool under pressure, Know your Priorities, have a firm handshake, provide strong eye contact, be respectful of culture, have self-belief, be a great communicator, and unreservedly believe no matter what we will achieve will our goals with style, passion and alacrity. Life as an adventuress will shine a giant spotlight on all of our inner qualities and we will proudly discover traits and talents we never thought possible. We will utilise a labyrinth of skill sets in an environment where women's intuition will naturally come to the fore. To be a lady adventurer requires nothing more than utilising business qualities women celebrate every single day.

Critical Thinking | Professional Pride | Integrity | Fairness | Resilience | Mental Agility | Adaptability | Independence | Motivation | Focus | Self-esteem | Ownership | Tuition | Trust | Planning | Teamwork | Self-worth | Individuality | Consistency | Team-play | Impact

So if your dream of adventure to the jungles of Central America, the Deserts of North Africa or the rugged mountains of Asia then my advice to all Professional Ladies, be proud of who you are, celebrate all of your achievements, then book your adventure vacation today.

Monika Newbound ©
Double BMW Endurance Guinness  Champion of the World 2016





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