Heroes of Adventure New Zealand Charity Team GPS Tracks Ready

Heroes of Adventure New Zealand Charity Teams GPS Tracks Ready

Thank you for visiting my page. Exciting, Historical, and  Cultural News!  Heroes of Adventure New Zealand Charity Routes are complete. We have created 78 unique GPS Tracks for 78 sensational Teams. Each GPS Track has over 800 attractions. Each team route is GEO organized. No planning is required by any team. The Heroes of Adventure New Zealand Charity route commences at your Government HQs, Corporate HQs, your Media Studios HQs, your Celebrity HQ, and visiting teams will start at SKY Tower Aukland, New Zealand.

The Heroes of Adventure Global Charity Challenges we feel are the Greatest and most exciting Cultural Charity Adventure Events in the World only because of the generosity, enthusiasm, and leadership of the Brands,  Teams, and CEOs that take part.

It really does takes a team to make a charitable dream, so a Herculean Thank You to Jacinda Ardern the PM of New Zealand for your inspiration and motivation, the Laura Clarke  British High Commissioner New Zealand, and Robin Shackell BEM, British Consulate Aukland, New Zealand, British Council New Zealand your enthusiasm, expert and professional insights. Google Maps for providing a platform that has allowed me to plan for over 200 Team Events, on four continents, utilising over 250 thousand waypoints to create over 500 charity routes. A Herculean Thank you to Dominic Rabb Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs and First Secretary of State for the FCO Support, Insight, and Charitable belief that the greatest Brands in the world could, and would come together to support some amazing and well deserving causes. Finally thank you to all the CEOs, MDs, Directors for embracing  the ethos of Heroes of Adventure and for celebrating and showcasing your incredible Employees.

Heroes of Adventure is a unique and exciting opportunity for the most outstanding Brands, Media outlets in the World to come together in the name of Charity, Reward, Leadership, and Culture. Heroes of Adventure Global Challenges provide a proud and incredible opportunity for CEO's, and MD's, to reward, acknowledge, celebrate exceptional employees. Facilitate your teams' opportunity to showcase creative style, leadership, motivation, communication, bonding, branding, and human interaction and development skills while participating is something truly charitable and amazingly unique.

Heroes of Adventures International and Global Adventure Challenges are Excitingly Charitable, Historically Groundbreaking, Educationally Cultural. unequivocally memorable a Life-changing Charitable occasion created by many, the best Teams and Brands in the world to thank those who heroically serve, and UNSELFISHLY go above and beyond for us all.

Its time to get ready, its time to select your teams, its times for a Sensational New Zealand Adventure

Your Kindly with thanks Monika Newbound
Heroes of Adventure

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