Monika Newbound

Monika Newbound, Global Adventurer, Endurance Guinness World Record Holder, motivational Speaker and Corporate Adventurer Consultant

The Challenge, Courage, Intelligence, Humour, Energy, Integrity and Personal Pride is what Drives, Inspires and Motivates Me!

    • Award Winning, British Guinness World Record Breaking Endurance Adventurer with a passion for Corporate Creative Marketing, Branding and Pr.  I am the first person in the world to circumnavigate the Earth by the widest axis West to East (Beach of Sligo Ireland to the Beach of St Johns Newfoundland via Mongolia and Siberia).


    • The first women in the world to ride a motorbike inside the Arctic Circle on three different continents in one single challenge. The first in the world to break two Endurance World Records with Zero previous Experience. The only person in the word to ride Coast to Coast North America six times visiting every Province in Canada, every State in USA in one single Herculean challenge. I achieved all of the aforementioned without backup teams or any type of support vehicles.


    • An Experienced Desert Adventurer as I lived with the Berber Tribe in the Sahara Desert for eighteen months, four months in the Dasht-e Kavir Desert & two months in Gobi Desert Outer Mongolia.


  • I am the creative idea, inspiration and lead researcher for National Geographic TV Series "The Long Way Round" Corporate Motivational Speaker. Endurance Guinness World Record Holder. Passion for life, Culture, Heritage. Hobbies include Swimming, Kitesurfing, Photography, Film and BMW Adventure Motorbiking.